Ethical program

Anti-corruption Declaration

Dear Sirs,

Remontowa LNG Systems values relations with the Contractors and seeks to improve them on a continuous basis in order to create development opportunities both for itself as well as its partners.

We are proud that in our activities we promote the highest ethical standards. In connection to this, we have committed our partners, associates and the managing staff to absolute compliance with the adopted internal regulations and provisions of common law, whereas in relation to corruption, we have adopted a zero-tolerance approach. Therefore, we do not accept and we strongly oppose to any corrupt activities and bribery. We believe that our Contractors and other business partners do the same.

In order to maintain good reputation and to minimise the risk of emerging activities of a corruptive nature, Remontowa LNG Systems has introduced the Code of Ethics as well as written Anti-Corruption Procedure. For the above reasons, we emphasise our commitment to comply with high business and ethical standards. We would like to ask you to joint to our commitment through acknowledgement of receipt of this letter and sending it back to us.

Furthermore, if you find out any inappropriate conduct of an employee or associate of Remontowa LNG Systems or actions of these persons which, in your opinion, may be inappropriate, please inform us about such situation so that we can take relevant measures. Such information can be send to our dedicated E‑mail or via traditional post at the following address: Remontowa LNG Systems Sp. z o.o. 84‑230 Rumia, Sobieskiego 42 .

Should you have any questions, please contact by phone with the Ethics Officer, Mrs. Emilia Macholl under number 505  607 567.

We appreciate your engagement and we look forward to our mutual successes in the future.

Yours sincerely,

The Management Board
Remontowa LNG Systems

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